Dennis Goedegebuure  

Dennis Goedegebuure

Dennis is  the Vice President of Internet Marketing for Geeknet, Inc. In this role he is primarily responsible for driving more traffic to sites like SlashdotSourceforge and Prior to Geeknet Dennis was with eBay for 9+ years in various roles on the Internet Marketing team, last as Director Global SEO.

He started his eBay career in The Netherlands office working for both eBay and Marktplaats, which is their local classifieds site. After 3.5 years eBay transferred Dennis over to the US San Jose office, to take on a global coordination role in Internet Marketing, with the emphasis on SEO. For the last 3 years at eBay Dennis has been responsible for all SEO for the 22 global eBay marketplaces sites.

Next to his professional interest in everything on the Internet, Dennis is an active blogger on TheNextCorner, where he writes on all things Internet Marketing. Inspired by the stories and websites of the participants of an SEO workshop on EVO-11, Dennis is looking to help bloggers grow their traffic through SEO and Social Media. As one of Dennis’ hobbies is Photography, he is experimenting quite often with image search, StumbleUpon and Twitter to understand traffic driving strategies for image heavy websites. You can find his best pictures, which are used in these experiments, at

Inspired by the stories from Bloggers on the EVO conference, Dennis has started a new project to give bloggers a platform to get in the spotlight and drive traffic. You can now be featured on



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