evo’12 Ignite Opening Keynote

evo’10 and evo’11 Attendees,

We want to hear from YOU! evo’12 is kicking things off with an Ignite-style keynote and we’re selecting presenters from evo’10 and evo’11 attendees. The theme? Evolution and shifting focus. How has seeing things in a new light helped you evolve both personally and professionally?

Not sure what Ignite is? “Enlighten us, but make it quick” is the slogan of Ignite—a community event celebrating the passion and creativity of geek culture, sponsored by O’Reilly media. Ignite events showcase a series of speakers who, in rapid succession, give 5-minute talks (accompanied by 20,15-second slides) on whatever ignites their passion.

Want to know more? Check out: http://igniteshow.com/.

Light your fuse! If you are interested in presenting at the evo’12 opening “Ignite” keynote please apply here:

Submit Your Topic

The open call for evo’12 opening night Ignite keynote presentations has begun! Fill out the form below to submit your topic. We will be reviewing all the submitted topics and announcing our speakers the beginning of May.

What we’re looking for: We want to know if evo’10 or evo’11 “ignited” any evolution in your life. What’s changed for you since last evo? How has shifting your focus presented new opportunities and possibilities in your personal and/or professional life? How did evo contribute to your new perspective? What are your passions and how does that shape you?

What we’re not looking for: Self-promotion, politics, SEO, marketing, social media or other common conference/meetup themes. If you are passionate about one of these topics, please come up with a creative, non-traditional way to present it that, of course, somehow involves evolution or seeing things in a new light.

Want inspiration? Check out www.igniteshow.com, which showcases all of the Ignite talks from around the world.

evo'12 Ignite Opening Keynote
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*If selected, you will receive your full-access conference admission to evo’12. Please note, presenters in the opening night keynote will be selected specifically from evo’10 and evo’11 attendees.

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