Wondering what to wear at evo’11? Want to know who to shuttle to and from the conference with? Still need a roomie? Trying to figure out how much money to plan on for food? Want a simple way to access the agenda—from the convenience of your smart phone?

Get the answers to these and more questions by doing the following:

  • Join the evo’11 Conference community on Big Tent. Here you’ll find fun forum discussions, a list of conference attendees and updates on conference news. While you’re there, be sure and leave your Twitter ID so other conference attendees can follow and connect with you before the conference.

  • Subscribe to the evo’11 Conference e-newsletter. The bottom of the homepage includes a space to ”Subscribe to Newsletter.” Our e-newsletters contain the latest and greatest conference info, including giveaways, party information, and promotions you won’t want to miss out on.

  • Check out our evo’11 Conference blog where we feature awesome information, including guest posts from evo’10 conference attendee bloggers.

  • Download the smart phone app for the evo’11 Conference agenda.

  • Follow @evoconf on Twitter.

  • Share photos on the evo’11 Flickr group.

  • Upload videos on the evo’11 YouTube channel.

  • Engage with us on the evo’11 Facebook page.

  • Track the #evoconf hashtag on Twitter. See what other attendees are tweeting, including links to posts they’ve written with awesome conference preparation info. Don’t miss out! Follow the hashtag to share and socialize before the evo’11 adventure!

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